About Me

Real Name: Jordan Tan

Date of Birth : 1st July 1988

Education Background : 
SRK Sultan Alam Shah, SRK Sri Damai, SMK(L) Bukit Bintang, Petaling Jaya
Singapore Polytechnic, Diploma in Civil and Structural Engineering
Kuala Lumpur Infrastructure University Collage, Bachelor in Civil Engineering

Work Background : 
Wisescan Engineering Pte. Ltd, Professional Land Surveying Firm, Singapore
Swasta Setia Holdings Sdn. Bhd. Developer, Kuala Lumpur

Affiliations, Past Times and Likes
1. Scouts. Been Scouting since 13 till 19, and though the commitment dies down the Scout in me lives on.
2. Football. Whatever the mind can precieve, the body can achieve. And the feet can do too.
3. Music. I dread imagining what would happen if the day I lose my hearing comes. It's beyond imagination.

4. Meeting new people. People interest me more than interacting does.

About Me
1. Love listing down things eventhough often it's only for the sake of listing.
2. Very particular about details. Not picky, not fussy, not choosy, but particular. In a good way. Really.
3. Seem to have an eye for neatness.
4. Easy going and friendly according to most.
5. Optimist but often unrealistic. Always aiming twice the target, so that in missing one I still hit one.
6. Lovey bird when the right person appears in my life. But they often never do because of #2.
7. Diplomatic and naturally not confrontational. But if you push me you get what you are asking for.
8. Thinks that for all the religion out there, their sole aim is to teach morality to humans.
9. Also thinks that I'm naturally a virtuous person and morality is in my blood. I'm trying to be bad.
10. And with #8 and #9, believes God is a man made creation. For our own sake of morality, we created God to believe that he created us.
11.A philosopher. Lives life by my own set of rules.
12. A visionary.
13. A planner. Of planning the future in our hands.
14. A dedicated lifelong learner. Being born complete is our good, dying incomplete is our bad. 

But this is not all about facts. This blog is about the future. The abstract side. About possibilities and potentials. About fictions. All of the What Ifs' in life that could possibly actually happen one day next time.
And finally, an Introduction from the Author himself

Life has always been the biggest puzzle for me and in living life I've dedicated my effort and time onto decoding it and understanding myself better.

The way I see my life, it is like a ever expending, ever more complicating formula. As time moves towards the future new rules are added into the formula which governs my life and also in doing so, the past concepts will be altered to incorperate those new discoveries about life.

Always looking back, I've noticed I've always been changing and often into a more refined revolution of my previous self. As they say, start with the end in mind - I'm trying to do that. I'm planning from the day I let my life end contently, backwards.

While still not ignoring my obligations to myself in the process. It have always been tricky to first find what I'm seeking at the end of my life, then balance it with reality and finally, to execute the plan and integrate it with reality.

It's not easy but I'm trying. Always been, always will.

As the Scout motto goes, " Be Prepared"