Sunday, July 17, 2011

Believing is Being.

I had erased the left side before wishing I hadn't done that before this.

I had written this super detailed manuscript about a new concept I wanted to experiment out on my surrounding. At the moment of writing this, I was really contemplating doing it and skeptical about it. Alas, I had to write it down.

The underlying concept here about doing so it by writing it out, we are gratificating it into our reality. Even if it is not our reality, by saying it many times and putting our mind into thinking of it and heart into believe it, this shows it can and eventually will be our reality.

I wrote a very extensive instruction to myself on how a step by step explanation on how to make my reality become something it isn't. It wasn't easy to believe a non fact, but one week later I felt the whole manuscript is now redundant already.

Was it really necessary? The way things is now, I have doubts. But in truth it surely was. It shows that people can adapt to changes, be it natural or self inflicted.

As I'm erasing the whole lot, I can't help but summarized it in my mind into just a few words..

One more. The content of it, that's something I'm not gonna share yet ;)

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