Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The World Revolve Around Us, So We Better Start Being In Control! before we spiral to nowhereness

There's a saying that goes:

Small minds talk about people;
Average mind talks about events;
Great minds talks about ideas.

If that's true (it is!) then I would be in the 3rd category because I'm always talking about ideas, concepts, phillosophy and principles.

I do sometimes talk about events though honestly speaking, I find it a heavy topic to talk about because it's all about the past and talking about it means spending effort and resources retelling something that's dead.

Maybe one day technology would enable us to just output our history and stories out effortlessly, like a thumb drive revealing the daily log of a machine/robot. But for now, for me I find it a hassle. Hassle but one necessary to be normal in this world.

Next, I spend even less time discussing about people, if ever. People. It just doesn't interest me at all. Since many years already I've concluded that people are just free numbers. They may be anything, any value, but at the end of the day their behavior is not totally unpredictable. Just like numbers, whatever they are, they are still figures.

All of the above is to relate to another point of mine I'm trying to make right now.

This world knows a culture of drinking for social reasons. For some reason people have the tendency to judge others by their behavior or rather ability to drink, not get drunk but eventually still get wasted. My peers seems to be the ones always clubbing, drinking and smoking, and by not drinking clubbing regularly and definitely not smoking, it's obvious I'll always be the odd one out.

I've always allowed that knowledge to somewhat consume me, but today (out of the blues) I've decided I will from today onwards, be a self declared "clean person". That means no drinking for social reasons to prove ranking, no clubbing for coolness and no smoking. I might still drink occasionally for my own pleasure, but it will definitely not be because of social image. Fuck that.

Like in whatever we do, the real pride we get from doing something is by doing that something with real pride. I will take pride in not bowing to society's stereotype definition of coolness.

Yeah. The next time anyone asks me, I'll say I don't drink, I don't club and I don't smoke. That's just so fucking awesome, I believe it is, and I will take pride in that belief.

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