Sunday, June 5, 2011

This Life Really Is A Bittersweet Symphony

I seem to have that outlook which gives people the incorrect impression about me. Like when I'm studying, people seem to think I'm doing it so well as if I've spent my whole life eating the book and the bookworms, stuff like that.

It's no wonders too how I'm always being stereotyped, treated like I'm the genuine deal like people who have been doing that all their life. Genuine I am not. For example I used to suck so badly in studies many times I considered forfeiting education altogether. Most whatever I am today is because I wanted or needed to be like that. By passion or by pressure, or both.

Furthermore, I actually take offense in people prejudging me into becoming what I never really am, and treating me as if I'm like that. I find it offensive because in deciding that approach, they have rested their case and made their mind up, and I eventually become what they think I am because of their initial impression. All of which is incorrect.

Maybe I should think of a new approach in life. It seems this life is filled with single styled individuals so much so till being single style is almost to be expected of humans. I honestly don't see why can't a person be 2/3 personalities in one mould, and free to interchange between them as he likes. To put things into perspective, having multiple personality itself is a type of personality.

Like from a computer game, there's this one particular hero who speciality is at replicating others. I like to think myself as that. Watch, look, learn and mimic.

Away from conceptual stuff and back to real world, I think I should include a new ability. That is, to sell my qualities because so far being passive isn't really stimulating the forces of the world to react the way I want them to.

Till then, over and out.

From The Verve Pipe's Bittersweet Symphony:

I'm a million different person from one day to the next.

And I can change my mould.
And I'm loving every bit of it.

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