Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dislikes Noisy People

I don't like people who talk so much. I'm referring to no one in particular, but this kind of people should just shut up.

Some say talking much comes naturally. If that's so, then your kind better stay far far from me.

Others who talks alot are actually the ones who spend their talking time telling jokes/being hilarious. Yes it's fun and pleasuring, but overdoing it kills it too. Even they should know when to stop.

My kind. Despite what it sometimes seem that I'm a boring person/lost at random conversations, I would reckon I'm far from actually being a boring person. I have my own time of funny laughter and also my own ways of being funny without the great amount of talking. Humour is an art, it's a style, it's part of my swagger; talking alot isn't.

Just a random thought. Those of you who knows me in person would be able to relate what I'm saying here quite well.

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