Monday, May 23, 2011

Where Does Our Difference Start?

I have a situation that is worth my attention.

Borneo is vast island which is divided and shared by three countries: Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia. From a purely Malaysia point of view, it represents the East side of the country. The population there consist of various native ethnics and many born East Malaysians have move abroad in search for better opportunities.

The Situation
Ever since coming to KLIUC, I've befriend many East Malaysians because to be honest, East Malaysia is somewhere I've never been and have little knowledge about. I find it interesting to know them and perhaps have a better idea of what's it like there.

Recently the East Malaysians had formed a new guild to unite themselves while away from home. I personally saw this as an opportunity to learning one step further.

The Issue
On Facebook they've followed up the meeting with the creation of an online group. When I requested in, I got told it's only open to East Malaysians. A closed group it is.

My Perspective.
If anything, this is plain discrimination. To let outsiders in a place they don't belong may be odd and a little awkward, but to keep outsiders out is just discriminating.

A few points worth noting:
1. The only thing everyone in have in common is their place of birth, and that is something I have no control over. To disallow an genuine interest a opportunity to be interested because of my background is the same as saying Black people is bad. They never had a chance to choose their colour too but they're still discriminated.

2. Even more odd, the East Malaysians coming to West Malaysia, forming a group and totally closing out the West Malaysians? You see? We are all Malaysians. Be it East or West, even so there is no difference unless we want one. Usually nobody gives a shit about nobody, but when somebody gives a shit about something, they don't want him?

3. Similarly by closing themselves out and building a impenetrable barrier around their bond, it's highlights the differences in a country promoting Unity. In that sense, other people from states too should start making their own bond. The West Malaysians would soon start their own guild and keep certain stuff far and away from the East Malaysians simply because they are from the east.

4. Seriously, in such modern times where globalization is us why are we still practicing segregation even among fellow countrymates? What happen to goodbye racism? It is just a different version of discrimination on the same level.

5. If anything, they should be honoured that I even want to know about their going ons and be proud to have found their first fan outside homeland. It's always easier to not give a shit than give a shit.

6. Or maybe the thinkers behind them are just morons and they can do with a person like me to guide them through their dark times.

All in all I won't die if I don't join the group but sometimes a simple action goes a long, long way at telling a principle. In the name of 1Malaysia, this is a step back.

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