Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sometimes It Goes Deeper Than What Meets The Eye

This is the story about two person doing their work together in achieving a common group goal.

One volunteered and is appointed the leader. The other is joking around in class with the other guys.

One tries to get to group going, the other does little on the surface but is always moping up all the work and progress done by the group to make sure it is good and up to standard.

One suggest for a meeting. The other supports him, assist him, lead and organize the meeting and ensure the purpose of the meeting is wholly achieved.

One delegate the work initially. The other stops him doing so and volunteered to do some background research on the topic itself, come out with a plan to tackle the topic and "see how it goes first" meaning to take one step at a time as it comes though he'd already envisioned how's it to be.

One suggest a working chain of compiling report, while the other suggest a better alternative of that by removing some unnecessary steps hence reducing the time the work gets thrown around and less potential mix up.

One calls for a meeting on a public holiday prior to the actual presentation date. The other forces the rest of the group to come and also highlights the importance of it.

One tries to deal with a problem by a group member, the other forces the group member to solve the problem himself and don't make a problem for the group.

Finally today we are all gonna present for the class presentation. It's been a good fun working with my group. I've never been the kind who chooses my friends as members in most cases because I enjoy working with new people and deal with whatever problem they may bring.

Somehow for me my leadership roots goes all the way back in secondary school when we were Scouts. Today, I'd like to be the Other Guys and watch from behind the limelight. It's a good taking a break from being the leader all the time, but what's evident is leadership and leader are two different things altogether.

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