Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sentimental Shadow of Mine

I'm the kind of person who speaks practicality. When it comes to materialism, I'm always at the minimum. Things which I don't use though I can use/know how to make use of often always goes into the trash can after 0.01 second of contemplation.

It's so probably because having stayed alone since 17 and move house countless times, I've prefer to be detached to goods and stuff. In short, I only keep what I need. Which in general means very, very little indeed.

There is however one category of things though I don't use at all for practical reasons anymore, I still keep very well. All under the name of Sentimentality.

I wanted some certain something I've mentioned I would from the previous blog post, and in trying to find it I had to clean up my (this semester special! only) messy room. In doing so while having my mind half thinking about another story for the blog, I've noticed something I've never really took notice of before.

That I actually have a huge and wide collection things I define sentimental.

Jordan's Dictionary Sen-ti-men-tal (Stuff) noun: Anything with a worthwhile story behind it from our past. We keep because it keeps us sane and happy in the future. When the day comes we realise the time's lost but can take consolation in knowing the lost memories is actually imbued in physical memorabilia.Yeah. Happy.

Most of the time these are things money cannot buy(presents/gift/participation items) or in certain circumstances, things I bought myself to remember a certain period of my life when there's something important worth remembering( ie expedition/promotion or special someone)

Of course I knew about the collection of individual stuff, but like a true engineer once sufficient entities exist, we start to draw pattern from it and find common ground linking them. I didn't realise my collection of sentiments extends beyond what I thought they were.

I really like this new discover and I'm gonna post it on the blog to keep it, share it and immortalize it should there be no tomorrow.

This is a postcard gift from Lina, my classmate and close friend from Singapore. The content of it remains private.

Scarf and tag from ZoukOut 2010, December, Singapore's Sentosa. Attached to it is a miniature Tower of Paris from I-Vy, another close friend from Singapore too. Also attached to it is a bear from Mimi, KLIUC.

Then there's the time encapsulement memorabilia

These are my vital components and identities when I was in Singapore.

Clock wise from top: EZY link travel card, SEMBAWANG Site Project access card and Ministry of Manpower Site Safety card while working with my construction company, tcc member card, Baden Bar and Pub workplace and in the center, Singapore Polytechnic matric card.

Participation medal from SP's Biathlon in 2008. Special event because I'm not the kind of person who do competition yet I tried it. According to the medal, it's 14 laps of swimming followed by a 3.2km run. I had to be rescued of the swimming pool midway for severe cramp yet somehow still finished the whole damn thing. hahaha

Madonna's Confession on a Dancefloor album. There was a time when I would actively participate in those radio weekend lucky smser CD giveaway game and I had a collection of CDs from it. When moving made them bulky and impractical, this was my choice for the top of the lot.

Something to hang around the neck from Shihanoukville, Cambodia while on a 2 week long expedition with strangers in the name of teaching english to the unfortunate at Don Bosco School

Among some stuff I still keep from my first real girlfriend.

This is a badge I've earned from my secondary school scouting days. Back then I was such a different person from who I am today and always curse Scouts but looking back, it was my first stepping stone in achieving what I've become today. Scouts for us was a very strict regime where we would get punished week yet the bond between us always kept us coming back.

The badge represent Assistant Senior Patrol Leader, my highest rank in my 5 years commitment, the third in command of the whole troop. I've always believed that promotion is premature but this is one of the rare occasion where instead of People make Position, it's Position which made them People.

EUFA Campion's League Tour at Sunway Pyramid and I got my hands to it, 2011.

Fort Minor concert passes for 2 in 2002. My biggest winning from the radio station guys. Might not mean much now but back then in secondary 2, it was another fish way out of my league that I've got my hands on, too

This is a Christmas present from Sharon in 2007. The beautiful box kickstarted my mini vault of souvenirs idea which content includes many other personal things I didn't include on this blog entry.

I've never thought reading was my middle name until the growing numbers of personal books suggest reconsideration. Many of which I didn't finish reading, some of which doesn't even belong to me but I take pride in keep them all very well because it means something to me.

3 event tags from 3 events I've participated, each with a story of it's own. Long may the list continue.

A calender which I've modified into becoming something else. Inspiration notes from another calender pinned together with a photo of me, my brother and mum dating back to somewhere around 2006. That's one of only two pictures I bring around everywhere I go ever since moving out of my house, the other faded into timelessness when we broke up.

And lastly for today, I've made progress again by coming up with a new thing.

This is my new souvenir box. An ordinary shoe box but with anything other than ordinary stuff in it.

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