Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Never At The Right Age

It speaks volume that most of my close female friends which I feel sincere about and comfortable around are those my seniors?

Maybe I'm mentally ahead of my own biological time, or maybe I condescend those my junior and never take them seriously to even notice them? I feel so screwed up.

Life is such a mystery.


Jing said...

Most of the guys in your age indeed are less mature than you do. Or maybe I don't know them that well to see the other side. I sometimes find it's very difficult to carry a conversation with them cause all they care about seem to be booze, boobs and movies that have things being blowed up. hahaha. Well, I am sure my opinions are biased. There must be a lot of guys out there like you, just I don't have chances to know them yet.

Jordan said...

Me too, if that's enlighting haha