Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Post Myanmar Thoughts

I went to Myanmar over the weekends and had quite a break from my routine to enjoy life yeah. Went to the city by plane, check. Visited the interesting places, tried their food and bought shirts and souvenirs, check. All that boring same old stuff.

While there I had contacted my friend's mum who lives there and had the opportunity to visit their house. That includes the whole compound, the 13 dogs, the many housekeepers and know the 3 families living there. Stayed with them and lived as them albeit for just 3 hours but it was really a new experience to see how other culture are different from the ones I know. That is the real highlight for me during the entire trip.

I also got to know one of their daughter and as the stranger she is, not surprisingly I think she's interesting. Simply because like I've mentioned she's new to me and having no facts makes the person even more mysterious and exciting. This also reinforce my theory about myself that I get bored of normality very, very fast. A life without a chance of randomness is just too plain to really live. In this case, she is the mysterious spark that ignites my engine of excitement.

I also am captivated by my friend's mum. She really helped us a lot and provided beyond great hospitality while in Myanmar. She picked us from the airport, got us a hotel for the first night, accompanied us around for like 95% of the time we spent venturing outside of the hotel. She bargained for us, she communicated for us. My family was the body where she was the voice. She really is the difference between going there, being lost and getting conned full time and a wonderful trip. She is the catalyst that covered all the failed planning on papers and made gold out of otherwise shit. Without her it would all be so different.

That's about all that's really worth saying beyond the normal see stop and shop routine foreign visitors do.

And yeah, in Myanmar there are Pagodas like everywhere. Literally.

All in all it was a good eye opener experience and a lesson to learn about life. Over and out. I might post some pictures later on when I get hold of them.

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Jing said...

Sounds to be a very interesting experience. How I wish I can travel now! Wherever I go it's always the people not the scenery that fascinates me the most.