Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Second School Event And The Lesson Learned for Life

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Today was another eye opener of a day again. One that comes 2-3 times every semester but are key in defining what we've did the whole semester doing.

From contacts, I've ended up being a crew of a school event again. It a career fair organized by the school and they called in outside companies to promote their vacancies and that sort. Although it isn't as grand as the first and also less crowd, the experience of working with new people, new environment for a new purpose is really fun.

A few thoughts to note come end of day 1 of 2.

1. Meet new people. Some new but many just newer depth from older existing people. People we see and judge but don't say hi.

2. Network and contacts are actually very important. Even though I did not expect to end up doing this initially when I went around being mr.friendly, I really like where I am now. Sometimes I wonder if fate have ways of making things go my way even without any worries.

A friend asked how I always end up being part of something he doesn't even know about until it happens. I told him " In school, we've got a network of people. A few of these people at the top will take up events and they will contact their few contacts, and their contacts will contact a few more contacts. It's not just any random people, it's trusted people. It's networking.

It's all about having an a decent network, good relationships and lady luck.

3. Usually for a first time experience, we can write it off as a one off. But when we do it a second time, we start to draw lines between the similarities. And further, track back the root of causes which lead to it. In this sense, I came to concluded No.2, among others.

4. Early today morning as I was waking up and going to the venue with no idea whats in for me, I was cursing myself about how I end up doing all this Charity Work. Later in the morning too I was contemplating running away and disappearing because it's fuckin boring. But no, I told myself life isn't always easy and suck it up, and go and find something to occupy your mind with.

So the I was, thinking to myself " in a totally white background( metaphor for absolute nothingness) I am giving myself 3 targets to achieve. Like a game, this are my main quest to accomplish. I can't remember whats it now but it doesn't matter because it's part of forming the eventual.

Eventually an hour later I got really comfortable with my own existence and knew it was all going to be a good day. Another one of those rare days that defin.... you know.

5. They say the worse misses in life are those we don't even know we are missing. That's true I believe and because so, I'm always digging for the unknown in new territories. Today, that's about the prospect of finding a job one day, and also about the job world in general.

This also reinforce my own promise to myself that I will never be a working mice. I would be a learning mice. Work is just an opportunity to learn and when learning is done, I'm off. No matter how many times I'm gonna jump ship and no matter how bad it sounds, nothings gonna stop me till I found my purpose.

6. Speaking of purpose. Everyone live in their comfortable life filled with their so called problems but they don't realise, the real problems are those they don't even realise exist. My purpose is also to solve that.

7. Power. In our world today, what is the meaning of power? We know power is the agreed upon level of authority given to a person. Power also is something we get even if we don't want it because it match our worth. But what is the real meaning of power? To me, I've nothing to prove and power simply means bigger trust = bigger responsibility = bigger stakes.

For that reason, maybe it's no wonder why for two events in a row I'm always playing the supporting cast role. Smaller of smaller people, those barely inside the hierarchy. Just enough to Wow! people by saying I'm in the board and attend meetings and have says but far away from any blame in the case of a mess up.

Power is a curse to me. At lease in this school where learning and having eye-openers rank higher than being the top figure of the lot.

8. Really. I like it down here. I'm so light and easy and virtually no stress, yet have full access to whole event, meetings and plannings of it. What other better way to see around than this? Yes, I'm a runner.

9. Back to power. In todays world people are judge so easily like Lego pieces based on ranks. President is good. VP is second good. Organizing chairperson is equally as good. VOC is second equally as good. Head of Security, Head of Publicity, Head of Performance, also 3rd good. Assistant of technical support? not very good.

But heck, the truth is our perception of our rank is based heavily on the pride we put in doing the work we agree to do. Being Asst. of Tech Support is as good as anything because although it sound lame, that is my license for total roaming. With. No. Restriction.

A person's title is just a simple suggestion of his worth. May be, may not be true. But a person's worth does not need to be explained by his title. If by playing it low is the best way of doing things, then it is. But do know, cometh the hour cometh the man.

10. 90% of the board are new faces to me. Eventhough we don't work together much now and hardly talk, come the next event, this even would prove to be a huge stepping stone at networking. As it always do.

Conclusion. Based on the points above, when there is a third event I can be quite sure what to anticipate. For real. And why I do things I do, if anyone ask.

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