Friday, May 6, 2011

Jordan and The Sister Called

I was on Facebook chatting with my Burmese friend in Singapore about organizing my family's trip to stay at her uncle's hotel at Yangon, Myanmar upon our arrival tomorrow. It was like at the climax of a good war book where every moment seem heave and last forever yet so important all the same.

She was giving me her sister's Myanmar number, her mum's number while on the phone with the guys at Myanmar to confirm our hotel room booking.

Then I got a phone call. No number displayed. Must be one of them calling from their hotel.



Who's this?

Me la. (sister's voice)

Oh you ah.

Do you have the time to talk?

And she continue to talk about something very serious. Her future. Calls like this rarely happens but when it does, rarely are they any other option but to see it though. A call I can't decline. A call with no escape routes.

Yes I got the time to talk, sure tell me whats up.

Sister: blablabla (continues in a very serious tone)

Jordan thinks to himself: This one is gonna take forever..

All while I was chatting with my other friend on facebook at some very important issues.

So what were to eventually be will eventually be and had eventually become. I wouldn't say I didn't see this coming. But even I didn't see it coming, this one.

Did I tell you I am good at Single Tasking and only good at Single Tasking? This is Multi Tasking. no, no no..

The moment my thought said that, I laughed at myself doing this crazy Guys-Are-Not-Made-To-Do-This-Multitasking-Thing while typing. The laugh lasted for 0.00001 seconds (SERIOUS) but for some odd reason my sister somehow picked that up.

"Eh, you laughing is it?"

She thinks I'm laughing at her plan of going to work at the logistic company with her friend. I generally think it's good to but right now, I'm not actually thinking. I can't think when I'm multitasking. She thinks I'm insulting her.

You laughing is it? I heard it in my mind again. Respond quick to cover up the lie!


"Ops." (sh!t)

(moment of silence..)


I'm always very confident I can set my mind and talk my way though of slippery situations but this time I'm totally caught red handed. Lol

Of course she didn't catch the super funnyness of the situation but it's okay. She went on and on. Very serious indeed.


Jing said...

She called me this morning too! hahaha. You are probably the 1001 person she called this whole day. She even asked me for another friend's number who is also in U.S.. Man! She is just such an interesting person. But I do respect the attitude she has with her life. What's funny is she has this cute and sweet appearance but inside her mind it's all serious stuff. Man! I told her to go ahead and give it a shot though. :)

Jordan said...

Yess wonderful stuff right. I hope she's alright there and everywhere she goes.