Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Girls Are Still Just Numbers

Why do guys have that deepdown desire/weakness for attractive girls? Doesn't necessarily mean it's a bad thing if a guy is interested in a girl, but when it becomes an unbreakable habit, to me it's always a weak link in a human's character.

Every day I see more attractive girls around me and I play mind games with myself about the what ifs. It's as if it's already an addiction to a drug. When she walks, our eyes and and mind see. Why did mother nature made us human this way? Don't tell me about the ancient mammal mating explanation. It's just unfair it's something I'm spending so much time occupied about when I can be doing better things.

Maybe it's just simply because there's few girls and lots of guys in my school, it's natural for their stock to rise above their true value. Maybe I'm just lonely.

Today I've decided I want to try treating humans not like individual special presents, but ordinary mundane numbers. Everyone is a string of numbers, different from one another because of their content but ultimately they are all still just numbers.

Exactly like that. Idea adapted from the Matrix

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