Saturday, April 23, 2011

When Fish Starts Eating Fries,

In my dream last night I was at the back of a factory facing the deep sea at night, a secluded and peaceful place and a fish harbor. For some reasons I've been told only big fish comes here and take shelter from the open seas. Big fish. I like.

I had my fishing rod by my side but being the same old same me, having not brought proper baits we both had to improvise and make do with what we have on us then. McDonald's french fries.

And so we went about mixing it with some water, smashing it and rolling it to tiny balls to use as bait. In the past few months I've seen weird things in real life such as the uncle using Jacob biscuits + water, soaked mashed and rolled into balls as bait and caught real big fishes under our boat.

But seriously. McDonald's french fries? It's not even proper food omfg. It's so weird till even in my dream I had the feeling that it really is weird. WEIRD.

The End.

Come to think about it, I drew a few conclusions/lessons to be learned from it.

1. My dreams are always in some way or another, weird. Maybe that's just the way my mind and my personality really and truly are- weird. That's why when I sleep I even dream of things I reckon weird by my own standards.

2. However, weird probably isn't that weird after all. Weird is a way of saying we're not used to it, yet. Weird is like saying we are seeing things new to us, and is current our way of comprehending it. Over time, when weird becomes acceptable then it's safe to say we've accepted something new.

3. When I look at the list of friends on my Facebook, there's only one(1) odd one out. A white girl from a faraway place at Europe called Holland among a collection of brown Asians and middle Easterners. Somehow that feels weird too. Odd one out. Hmm.

Maybe with time I'll come to understand the gravity of the friendship I've built with a person I've never intended to meet. When weird becomes normal, nothing have changed. Other than our own perception.

P/s: I gotta admit Mc'D artificial fries are actually really good for chewing.

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