Monday, April 18, 2011

What Is Your Moral Guideline?

Some people might ask why did I pass the opportunity to take advantage of the opportunity I had with the new girl of this holiday. I had many chances but I think I'm the kind who lives by my own code of conduct.

Like the Japanese Samurai of Honour and Loyalty, like the English Knights for their chivalry.

For me even though I don't have any religion, I have my own moral guidance in deciding what's wrong and what's right, what's okay from what's not.

Sometimes when I'm at the crossroad of conflicting desires, I'll ask myself what is right and what is wrong. Most often the right is the harder choice and most of the time I'll reluctantly agree and comply, and most of the time there's no regretting. What is this that I've been consulting, I have no idea but it's good.

On the outside I'm just like every other guy always thinking about girls, but it feels inside I've this moral guideline to keep me on my own path of righteousness in the way I deem most myself.

Maybe because of passing all this sort of opportunities, it's made me who I am today. One day, I'll understand myself better.


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