Monday, April 25, 2011

What If. A Glimpse into the Future

I was thinking and I found something interesting.

From a third person's perspective, a narrator:

Imagine if we pause time and zoom out of our first person's perspective of our individual life, and watch us from outside ourselves in the bigger picture. We organize our paused-physical body with the understanding of our mind and write a lovely, accurate and thorough description of ourselves as like how manufacturers present their product on a brochure. As though we're trying to sell ourself to an alien or something, the same way we sell ourselves to future employers via a resume, but this time more detailed and more honest than a paper.

We write our strength, our weaknesses, our full history from day 1 till now, our personality, our likes and dislikes, our do and don't's. Everything. As if to transfer all our knowledge of ourselves into data form and if a capable entity were to clone another Jordan, they no doubt could.

Imagine if one day this becomes our present reality. Some smart person would create another mega blockbuster platform that make Facebook look even lesser than ordinary, and with it everyone gets to sell their true self to the world. People would be able to browse for friends from the list or even see what a stranger they are meeting is about. A-Z. And probably decide if the stranger if worth their effort to befriend, or not.

Privacy would be the thing of the past, because we have nothing left to hide/keep in our mind as everything is readable by technology. Everything. Our mind, our thoughts, our past and future, our emotions. We will be no different from robots.

Scary prospect isn't it?

But atlease if I were to go to Taman Negara with my friends on a fishing trip and happen to meet another dutch girl, I can check for certain our compatibility, chemistry and recommended relationship in an instance and decide on the spot. Rather than spend 7 slow days to build a trust with a person for 1 day of something.

I think as life gets easier, we are getting lazier too.

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