Thursday, April 28, 2011

We Go To School To Learn. More Importantly, We Go To School To Learn to Learn.

Talking and writing are two different things altogether.

Once upon a time I realised I walk talking very smoothly but I can't write proper shit. Another once upon a time I realised I was writing so smoothly and naturally but when I speak, it's not fluent nor smooth.

Yeah it's true.

Anyway the point of this entry is not about that.

I also realised (besides the two mentioned above) that since some time ago and more so recently, I've been speaking with excripts of songs. Powerful, meaningful or catchy lines from song. I must have subconsciously told myself to copy-store it in my memory like how all students do with their boring studies and exams.

It's amazing. It comes so naturally without noticing it.

If anything, I consider this one of the ultimate success of going to school to learn how to learn: the measurement of the degree of success is based on the implementation of the concept and that is this.

Once we get the concept right, the idea of how to learn how to learn, that ability is implemented and integrated into our life and the subject of this winning "formulas" is beyond textbook information from school.

This is what we go to school for. To learn and polish our ability to learn.

For now, my next line I want to try to use in everyday casual conversation is this: "I'm Standing Outside of Heaven Waiting for God to Come and Get Me". When I find the right situation. Ha. Exciting prospect ha.

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