Thursday, April 28, 2011

Reconnecting With A Teacher is the First Step in Accepting Our Past

I added my class teacher when I was in secondary 1 on Facebook. That year was 2001. A perfect decade ago. I remember her name because she's one of the few very important people you'll remember from your long education history.

She was surprised. Really surprised. Guess what? Me too. It's real. I've actually bridged the traditional-existing boundary between student and teacher.

Last night while trying to sleep I was thinking and I remembered her. I thought about that once upon a time when things were so different. She was there. She cared. Ten years down the road as impossible is becoming possible, I could reconnect with her if want. I knew I wanted to know about her too. If she's doing okay, if she's not. I care too.

I check it up on Facebook and actually found her. I sent an Add Friend request with a simple Hi Remember Me text with it.

Came back in the evening and she open new doors for good.

I dislike explaining myself but if anyone were to ask, I'll say this:

As I move forward in my life, I've come to a point where the technology from reality made it possible to connect with anybody. At present one of my current needs is to reconnect with a person who help guide me to here today. The present calls for me to reconnect with the past, and so it is.

Maybe by reconnecting with the past, I'll understand the transition period I've been in the past decade and perhaps, I'll understand myself better and be better equipped to face the future.

In short, to move forward we have to understand the past and that's our work now in the present.
Oh besides, she's all fine and good as ever. That's all a teacher hear from a returning student. And that's all an ex student needs to always know about their teacher.

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