Tuesday, April 12, 2011

When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Gets Going

For the past few nights up till last night, I had difficulties sleeping. On numerous nights when I'm on the conform of my bed and as my mind runs wild about everything, it eventually gets stuck at one issue. A continuously reoccurring problem which gets bigger and more serious by each sleepless night.


After spending over the top during the last summer holiday, the reality is now starting to set in. I knew it would come and I didn't want to face it but I will to. Eventually. In life. A matter of time. How long can a person live in oblivious?

I'm 23 this year and I don't really have a crazy amount of savings of my own. I do have a decent one thanks to my working time in Singapore, but even so it's just a matter of delaying the eventual. That one day I'll run dry and things will get bad.

I couldn't sleep because the though of having a deficit cashflow for the past few months finally topped with that huge spending for the semester was too much to ignore anymore.

I even went to the extend of seriously considering dedicating my all into finding a way to make money. There were a few realistic options but for now in the short term I've found a concept to stick to, for the sake of my own peace of mind. I will cut down on all expenses by half. That way every month I won't hit deficit again, I'll be stopping the problem and although slowly, rectifying it.

Saving may only be a short term solution for the scenario but it is in no way a long term proper solution to the problem. The only way to avoid a crisis of this is to fuckin earn more than we spend.

Being a full time student, I think I should use my fuckin brain to start devising a fuckin plan.

over and out.

And now it's becoming more and more real. I should start putting my talent into a presentable manner and monetize it. I'm gonna connect back to the same frequency as reality.


Jing said...

Financial crisis? Don't the parents provide the tuition and living expenses when you are in college?

Jordan said...

They do and always will.

However for me the concept is rather imperfect. I'm those less reliant kind of person and I don't think it's fair if my pleasure comes from other people's pain.

Don't you think so too? It's ironic how people earn after they've spent? I think it's wrong on principle level although it's practical.