Friday, April 29, 2011

Family Issues.

My parents are an example of what you get by matching an insensitive person with a super sensitive person. They say marriage is all about communication and understanding. Theirs is a marriage very lacking in both of that, but held together for a common goal. The kids.

It sounds very bad here in black and white. In reality it doesn't look as bad because we've all learn to cover, hide and ignore it. That however does not erase the fact that it is what it is.

This weekend my maternal grandmum will be having her birthday party and my mom and all her siblings are looking forward to a reunion party at their childhood village. We're all gonna have a gathering at a chalet village. My dad is what I've mentioned above. Cover, hide and ignore it, and forget it for now. Hate can wait. It's always been like that.

It's a lesson to all those who know it, of what to avoid letting our future marriage become. My sister, my brother, me and you.

For now I'm looking forward to meeting my cousins and relatives. Even as kids we've came a long way to building up ties with our own cousins, ties that were once so shitty because of our internal family problems. And good food and fishing too. It doesn't solve the problem but it doesn't me I can't enjoy it.

Sometimes, Ignorance is Bliss too you see.


Jing said...
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Jing said...

You all seem to be good kids to me. Regardless what's going on with your parents I think they still did a pretty job to raise you all. In that case there are still a lot of things to be grateful for. :) And nice to have a getaway in the country side! I wish there will be pictures.

Jordan said...

Thanks Jing. I always like to remind myself that when the going gets tough. There are, although the location isn't as beautiful like heaven or so. hahahha