Monday, April 25, 2011

7 Habits of Effective People: #5: First Understand to be Understood

It's 2.30 am in the morning and someone from some room nearby my window is really having a good time listening to headbanging indian music. All the sound from those marvalous speakers are going out through someones window and into mine.

Fucking unbelievable. Yes, it is worse than it sounds.

I was thinking if I had things my way I would just go and make myself be heard the guys way.

Then again I've been reading up my notes for my quiz tomorrow on a topic called Pollution.

Noise Pollution.

Def: The introduction of any unnatural and unpleasing/unwanted sound to the environment.
Effect: Temporary or permanent loss of hearing; inability to focus; psychology disturbance

Yes. I know that. I've been studying ffs.

And I remember about doing a case study while in Singapore doing my diploma, about a guy. He was apprehended by the police because in a moment of madness he went and smashed someones car who alarm had accidentally gone off 3am in the morning. It is unnatural of him but the crude awakening caused him to act so recklessly and he regretted so but what's done is done.

It shows what noise pollution can do.

So if I were to go and make myself be heard, it can't be anything violence. I should just go and say nicely to him something like Hi, Your Music Very Loud politely.

Even in times of madness, there's a guideline to follow as civilized human beings. It's hard indeed. Okay. I understand. I understand.

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