Saturday, March 12, 2011

Whatever Tomorrow Brings I'll Be There.


Different avenues offers opportunities to demonstrate different attributes of us to the world.

I took me years to figure this concept out as opposed to seconds to construct that line out but here it is.

I may not be able to explain why I do what I do immediately, now, or if ever, but time and time again I find reason and justifications for decisions I've made later on in life. And it totally supports the principle that help made that decision then.

So in all, don't be surprise if I sound so elderly and serious on some Facebook chat, serious and plain on some status replies, disillusioned with my FB status, crazy and wacky on some other chats and comments, authoritative during a mix up, hilarious during dinner and so full of nonsense when I'm talking to my brother.

Because that's just the way I am. Even for those close around me, I'm not entirely predictable too. Whatever it is, it now comes naturally. Long way from who I was once upon a time.

In the words of Limp Bizkit, " I'm a million different person from one day to the next "

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