Friday, February 11, 2011

A Special Someone

Despite what everyone say or thinks, I'm unlike what most people believe.

In the past week or so I've found a new friend and we are very close. Too close to be friends to some too in fact. I say? F that.

But seriously, now that the clouds have settled down I see new questions starting to emerge. And as I solve one by one as they appear from me for me and to me, there's on conclusion I've came up which is worthy to be shared.

You know, despite again what everyone believe, personally I don't see the need to have a reason, an explanation, a motive, a Why, to everything that I do. Some things people ask me why do I do what I do and I can't answer. It ain't because I'm hiding some information, it's simply because I myself don't know it too. I just do. It doesn't always feel nice or right but it always feel like the correct thing to do.

So simply said, people are asking me why do I do the correct things. And I'm suppose to justify that? Really? Do the world need me to explain why the world don't do only good things?

This friend of mine which I've very close to, nobody actually asked me about it yet but before anyone does, I know what I've got to say already.

We both just enjoy being with each other and in a lonely school like this we can quite do with each other. There is a total absence of any romance despite what it seems, and it's perfectly logical. Two person don't have to be in love to appreciate each other afterall.

People around us are treating us ( more on me in fact) like we're a couple. Perhaps we are a couple, but just not the lovey birdy romantic couple.

In a way, I find it very, very cool.

Jordan vs. The World.

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