Sunday, January 2, 2011

Till We Can Face A Mirror Only Then Can We Face The World

One of the countless things I believe everyone must do before they can finally truly live their life is to accept their body.

It is a phrase so simply said, commonly heard and perhaps lightly understood but in this world we live in almost everyone fail to accept their body for many reasons
. Some have big body and reckon they are fat, some are fat, some are the opposite of that, some realised they can't grow taller anymore, some think they are imperfect and so. Some are right, some are not.

To fully accept our own body doesn't mean we need to go and f-around or wow the guys and girls alike
. We just need to get that joy from looking at our own body everytime we look at a big mirror.

Until we can accept our body as who we are, we will always be living in the shadows of our own existence

I'm almost there physically just left a few minor fixes but my mind and character wise I'm also almost there
. The balance of life is my key to keep moving forward.

For now, if anyone ask I'll say I'm Single But Not Available

Because I simply haven't fully accepted myself yet and I don't want anybody to do the same either

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