Monday, January 3, 2011

My New Year Resolution 2011

Everyone is flawed as nobody is perfect and in this society everyone also is too preoccupied with worrying about oneself shortcoming to actually see that most everyone is just like that too.

I may be one of that, I may be not one of that. Either way it doesn't matter to me what I am in that. To myself I've got my own list of things to do and things to be. This year 2011 I want to be one step better than all I ever was.

After long times spent with self reflection, as of now without digging chunks out from the future, I have two and only two notable shortcomings. I will not count my blessings here but in emphasizing on overall balance, something needs to be done about this two shortcomings and the time is now.

For all the events that lead to what they are today, I will not play the pointing fingers game on it. Like most problems I encounter, I deal with them by working on the present and the future with little concern about the past.

The two shortcomings are:
1. Fixing my imperfect tooth.
2. Driving.

It's funny how most people take those two above lightly/for granted and my world seems to revolve around them but that's life I suppose.

It takes alot of courage to come clean about my actual shortcomings but here it is.

About the two above, my plan are as the following.

1. Go to a dentist and get it done. It's really easy. Right now my biggest obstacle is my own mind and I'm making it a reality by thinking and mentally accepting it everyday. Like everything I believe in, believing itself is the first step of actually doing it. So far so good.

2. Similarly I'm starting to imagine the endless possibilities if I have the luxury of a car. The inexperience at driving exist all along simply because I don't have a car to start my own journey of driving. I will want to get a car and end it all.

By mid 2011, July 1st to be exactly, on my birthday that happens to be too, I will face my demons again and see how far have I gone since now.

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