Monday, January 10, 2011

In Making A Wish, Is The First Step of Realizing A Reality

Three years ago ( two and a half to be exact) on my 20th birthday I thought to myself if I really had a wish to come true, what would it be?

To start, it will not be money because money can be earned and will be spent empty. Something deeper.

It will not be personality or character because at the end of the day we'll day contented if we want to; it's all starts and ends from and at the mind. Something more clinical in life.

Maybe a new life changing ability like mind reading, telepathy or time warping. But in all seriousness that's just too fictional for me.

What would you ask for?

In the end I figured I want something that would compliment what I already have.

the complexity of my own mind

The ultimate add-on. Like on Firefox but for real life.

On my 20th birthday if I had one wish, I would want to know how I would be thinking in four years time in preparation for the coming 40 years time. That's what I want. The logic is simple, in knowing so I would waste less time finding what I would eventually find in 4 years time and hence go straight to the point and bring the future here faster.

I knew at that current point of my life, the decisions and choices I make in those two years are the ones determining the way the rest of my life would turn out. Like the heaviest time of our life, weight for weight they are the gold of a persons whole life.

A veteran is a veteran because at 18 he decided to join the army. A dentist owns a clinic because at 15 he believed he love Biology. My mother is an accountant because during some time of her life she went to UK for ACCA.

So here I am today.

When somebody asked me to join the school's debating society, I knew almost instinctively that I need to turn him down; there's no debate about it. Period. There are many things I can discuss and argue about but joining the debate club is entirely out of the question. I didn't even know whats the reason to it while standing very firmly on my decision.

Why, why, why. Like whats already becoming a norm to me now, my instinctive decisions are the best bet though not always right. It took me days of on and off subconscious thinking before I've finally figured out the social level reason for it.

The next time a person ask, I would say it's because I have nothing I want to gain from it, I have nothing to prove from it, I am not bothered to impress anyone by joining it, I want to help nobody from it. I am what I am, I know what I want and need for this life and English and Debating society isn't it.

No, that's just too long. Easier to say I'm just shy of people.

And yes. The best for last.

At 23 as of 2011, being top in the eyes of the society is way outdated. The in thing for the mind at 23 years old is to be on the correct highway to being the top in our life. Long way to go, but we're going there.

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