Thursday, January 6, 2011

How Many Shoes does a normal guy should have?

This always intrigues me- the fact that I actually have quite a number of footwear for a guy.

1. Field soccer boots
2. Futsal boots
3. Formal shoes
4. Casual shoes
5. Casual shoes
6. Running shoes
7. Casual slippers black
8. Casual slippers white
9. School slippers
10. Toilet slippers

Total: 10 pair of shoes.

Despite it being double digit I still am sticking to my strict stand that I only go for practicality and have just one shoe per reason except for casual wears. Even so that's 10 altogether. Amazing.

And the best part is at core level I still feel like I don't have sufficient choices. I can imagine my room's half filled with shoes and I can imagine I'd know who to point the finger for this at: my house.

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