Sunday, December 19, 2010

Nice and Vengeful

I'm both a nice guy and a vengeful guy. I treat everyone nicely on the outside almost without bias, but when people mess with me the vengeance last for very, very long. Misdoings happens all the time, but the continious irrational misdoings with clear sight of their intention breeds vengeance.

Some would say I should go and get a religion or go to church to fix myself but seriously no. The problem is with me yes, but I'm no angel or saint and why the fck do I need to fix myself to accommodate others shortcoming. That's their own responsibility, if you can't even control your own actions then that just is a lower being and you should get what you deserve.

Don't expect that in times of hardship you'll be all wrapped in love because in reality, the norm is it's all one man for themselves. Anything better is a bonus, anything less is no surprise. Don't expect me to be caring, tolerant, compliant and oblivious to the obvious reality and most of all understanding. Because I understand very well the fact that a person like that don't deserve all of the above like charity.

I've got my own life to live and my own dreams to achieve, don't cross your past with my future.

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