Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Malaysia is the real CIMB Bank

This is CIMB Bank. Found practically almost everywhere in Malaysia, quite like the next few common things after rubbish and Proton.

picture from here

My brother used to pronounce it as "cimb bank", and is the acronym for Chinese Indian Malay Bank.

Interesting ha.

So to put it into perspective, in Malaysia here we have a brand that is literally almost everywhere and quite represent the three major types of people filling up the land. That itself is pretty much everything already, until one sees the biGGer picture.

That Malaysia is actually the playground for these three main races, the platform for them all to exist and grow along each other while still maintaining their respective uniqueness.

Quite like a freaggin bank with multiple currencies, all going through the same counter.

No matter what they try to make you believe with all those kids voice saying United We Stand, Divided We Fall lines on the radio, the truth is that in reality for most parts the general rule is to fit in, one needs to stick closer to their fellow race-mates.

Like a Chinese dude sticking with his chinese clique at the cafe everytime, every damn day. Like having a strong faith that Chinese alone will take over the world one day soon.

Like Indians always sitting in a big group around a table and do nothing and have that "Non-Indians are not allowed to enter this circle" looks all over their faces.

Or Malays. I guess they are friendlier than the previous mentioned two.

They are ofcourse the typical few who being the way they are is the reason this stereotype exist, but they are also the other portion who sees it differently. I would say, the modern thinking. The genuine OneMalaysia attitude. That should be the right way forward.

But for the most part, we are still stuck with culture difference. Malaysia really is the CIMB Bank.

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