Monday, December 27, 2010

Lets Let The Car Break Down

One mundane afternoon on the routine way back from cafe to hostel in car came a brilliant idea/fantasy of a break from the mundane routine.

I'd imagined on one really free day we should do something crazy just for the fun of it.

We would drive the car along the normal route and when it's exactly infront of the females hostel block during the peak hour of human traffic the car would mysteriously break down.

Car breaks down and out comes the real guys in the guys.

And having no choice we would have to fix it the old school way.

The hard way.

Off goes the shirts and on comes the shades.

So under the afternoon sun we would have to change the (not) flat tyre. And in order to do that we would have to dedicate our priceless energy into opening the boot first to take out the spare tyre.

And before doing that we would have to also open the bonnet, erm.. to.. check for 6 foot long reptiles who might have sneaked into the engine, stayed there and is asking for trouble.

Yes. It's all part of the process of fixing the car.

And have the serious yet calm and cool expression painted all over our faces.

All to fix a mysteriously broken car that so happen to actually be even more mysteriously, not broken after all.

Oh well

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