Monday, December 27, 2010

The Guy

I'm writing this for three reasons:

1. To prove to myself I can still write out my concepts
2. To prove to myself I can still think of concepts to write out, and
3. I'm actually quite free.

Oh, and

4. To show to myself that following our enthusiasm is actually a good thing unlike what I've always made to believe.

And I'm writing this for not this one reason:
1. To be a good Samaritan and help out a needy.

This real world is cruel and cruel is what that is if you believe you're living in the real world.

So the case:

There's this one guy I happen to went out with a bunch of friends and after a quick dinner it became very obvious there's something wrong with him. Social awkwardness. Socially incompetent. Social outcast. On the surface what people says very much sums up what this is: "You don't see him because he don't go to the cafe. He don't go to the cafe because he's got no friends"

Or it is really actually, he don't have friends because he don't go to the cafe. The cafe here by general understanding refers to the one and only social place in the whole campus, and to the hostel community it's the only place to hang out in campus. To avoid it is unheard of. Until now.

At some point of a football topic he joined in by asking one of them whether any of us have a girlfriend. That left all of us stunned because, with respect to the unspoken rules of social etiquette, jumping topic is considered odd and rude.

For the pros it works wonders as a start up line

Guy and girl

Guy: Hey, did you see a yellow file somewhere around here? A friend left it here a while ago and it's missing. There's important stuff in it..

Girl: Err, I don't think so.. Where did he last left it?

and so a conversation and a connection starts with a chick.

For the not-pros, it works shit.

Guy and girl

Guy: Do you want to follow me go the mall? We can go eat there.

Girl: Err.. noooo [WTF?!!!]

Credit to Neil Strauss
So point made.

But the real purpose of writing this blog entry is to decipher the signs and decode the situation and unearth the cause of the effect.

The Problem Decoded
It's really simple, really.

That is basically what it is.

That being what it is isn't quite a big problem, the problem is here:

The Problem Decoded V2

If I was a bad ass and/or had the motive, trust me I know how to manipulate and exploit this sort of people for my own gain. This is the reason why it's dangerous. His well being is subjected to some other's approval.

If you're reading this, please don't find me. I'm not the helper. I'm just the blogger writing out the obvious.

No, seriously.

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