Saturday, November 20, 2010

When Results Comes Out. It's that time again.

I just saw my previous semester results and quite simply, it's just not pleasing to my own eyes.

Maybe my standards are too high? Not maybe. With my education background from Singapore it should have been waterproofed but things don't always work that way does it.

Maybe I've spent too little hours studying? Absolutely not, but I could still increase the hours spent studying.

Maybe it's my learning ability, abit slow like shit and I will always and forever need adaptation time to any new environment? Perhap. But that is not a valid excuse to me for me to justify any shortcomings as far as I'm concern.

Or maybe they are new areas I am still unfamiliar with and needs polishing up my skills at? Such as bootlickin' or teacher's favoritism and all that. Maybe. Definitely useful at times but not entirely reliable as a primary strength in the big picture.

They say the mix between an optimist and a pessimist is a realist. Like how (a-) + (a+) = 0

Truth be told sometimes I think I just set my goals too high from biased observation and unreal expectations. When a person can decide what he wants to think why wouldn't he think of all the good things all the time( if he had such strong faith and belief, and no fear in him?). As I'm reminded time and time again, expecting unrealistically high up often have two major negative side effects.

1. we are reminded consistently every now and then about this thing called depression. when we didn't hit our unrealistically high expectations.
2. we forget about the actual value of our achievements, how far albeit marginally better than other we are. we choose to forget that.

Rant over.

All in all I just have got one thing to say to my self in preparation for next semester.

Study harder, study smart. Jordan.

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