Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What is this Biotropics Nu-Prep thing?

Quite about three weeks ago I thought to myself, in preparation for the upcoming ZoukOut event I will be going to I need to beef up. Or at lease do some shit so that I feel at my physical prime you know.

They say at this age I'm entering in it's the physical peak in a man's life, perhaps. I myself too used to be a physical freak but finding it too resources consuming I've decided I'll keep the best when a situation calls for it. A case like now, for Zoukout.

All in all it basically means I need supplements to kick start my physical growth. Add to that a disciplined and strict daily exercise routine and I'm quite there. It is that simple, it's actually not rocket science like most make believe.

I was planning to get some supplements from all those organic gay shops whos product comes in not amusingly big gay round containers each which cost easily up to RM 200 or so. Not cheap, not quite affordable by any means but believing in my purpose strong enough I've decided to get it.

Until one fine day when on my way back to school while in the school's feeder bus, as the radio was playing it's normal evening show and had it's normal sms lucky contest prize giveaway thing, that I struck lucky.

A 1% real ( just barely enough) and 99% hopeful solitary sms through to the number as I thought I've heard it was what it was. A moment of nothingness went by side along side with a optimistic Jordan playing games with his mind when suddenly the phone rang. I've got it!


Alright alright. I went to collect the prize later on and to my amazement it's what it is. A few stuff and 3 bottles of tongkat ali capsules. I know before you start thinking what you're gonna think about it, I'll just say it: I think it is what it is. So to put things back into perspective let's just say of the three bottles, I definitely could do without one for now, least till I get married hahhahaha.

The other two bottles are basically the same thing: this-

As the information on the label itself is not quite specific and informative I've went and check their website about it.

General Information

Nu Maxx™ contains extract of Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia), Smilax calophylla and Prismatomeris glabra. The synergistic effects of these active ingredients promote masculine vitality and overall well being. It is a non-stimulant. Nu Maxx is suitable for adult men.

1 - 2 capsules per day.

Active Ingredients
Each 350mg vegetable capsule contains:
Radix Eurycoma longifolia 20mg
Smilax calophylla 15mg
Prismatomeris glabra 15mg

Traditionally used to improve health and vitality.

Store in a cool, dry place. Keep out reach of children.

Recommended Retail Price
RM 97.60 per bottle (60 vegetable capsules)

All of which basically is " The synergistic effects of these active ingredients promote masculine vitality and overall well being. It is a non-stimulant. Nu Maxx is suitable for adult men."

which since adjectives and subjective for a person like me, means nothing really. What load of trash.

So what now?

Well the only other realistic way I can think of is by simply being practical. Yeah I'll go get a male hamster and stuff this stuff down his throat or something. Might want to size down the dosage accordingly according to the recommended dosage on their webpage and also get another friendly hammie to be the control subject. And feed the fellas everyday for a whole month and monitor any changes and also perhaps get a second set to produce a more reliable results as how we are thought to practice in our Civil engineering field.

Or I could just take it myself and see what goes. I think I like that better because it sounds much easier.

So yeah. A pill a day and wait and see. Will update the blog from time to time about this. Also, can't help but feel that for all those bloggers doing paid advatorials, those are nothing. Mine is advartorials plus the real thing without money haha.

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