Monday, November 1, 2010

Thinking have always been my longest part-time job

Sometimes I think I'm over-complicating my already complicated life with all this thinking. But like a person who have a religion, I too have very strong faith in myself that one hard day today of now will make one better day of tomorrow, later.

If by any call of fate my life would end prematurely, all of it would have gone to waste but I can take consolation in knowing I wouldn't even know. Cool yeah?

Some people thinks that since tomorrow is uncertain why spend today's resources for uncertainty. True, in going with that thinking also gone is hope, the walking dream. To me, a person without hope and a dream doesn't deserve a future, more like meaning in living in the past they should just stop living. In reality everyone have a dream, it's just a matter of what size it is in comparison to everyone's.

A flashback to share- when I was younger during my early primary school days I would spend my time sitting on the table and just look into the thin air. According to my parents, that's what I do all the time. I don't quite remember about it but I believe my mind have been developing ever since young. Gradually school became tougher and required more attention till there's no more to give. A childhood state halted for 10 long years before I rediscover it once again after my O'levels.

I also think I've found another link between the growth of myself attributed to my family background. For the past forever that I can ever remember, my mother have been working as an accountant at a well off private construction company. The hours committed are long but what's more impressive is the years committed to that hours which is even longer. She's been working there forever, literally and she enjoys it.

I've often believed the main reason she wakes herself up 5.30am every morning and bring herself to work is in knowing every one hard day she goes through is every one less hard day each of her three kids will have to go through in their later life. Maybe true; I have never known for sure because like me, my mum is very reserved at revealing her true principles of life.

The connection here is that she holds a faith in her and that faith alone keeps her going on and on, for the past 20 years. Of working from the end backwards and the front forwards simultaneously. Very wonderful stuff indeed. As for me I'm applying that lesson and taking it one step further by applying it in life not just in work for family.

Everyday spent thinking about the tackling the future brings me one step closer to something, something I haven't found out yet even now. Isn't this what faith is about?

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