Tuesday, November 30, 2010

That's Why We Go To School For

In recent times I've been seeking an true answer to why do we go to school for.

This is one of those simple questions but with a complex answer we are surrounded with in life.

To some going to school is purely because it'd became an obligation to equip ourselves with accreditation in this early years of our real life. Or simply said, because everyone else goes to school hence so.

Well the first half of that is true, that we all need labels to top our skin so to be accepted into this mainly shallow society.

What's more interesting is what kind of mentality template that's running the person to persevere as a student while studying. Like a computer hardware functional with various types of OS, a person too is functional with various kinds of mentality.

Some come to school with the grand plan of being in the average class. Some plan to always give their best though often come short of anything outstanding. Some comes to class with one and only one thing in mind- to be the top of the lot and float by the rewards it carries, while some others come just because they must.

In my opinion that and most of that sort amounts to almost 99% of the cases. To fully know a person's intention is still beyond us in this era, perhaps is the reason why there still isn't the numbers to back it up yet.

But behind all the edges of these human mind games, at the core of it lies genuine learning. Of learning because of a reason ahead of all the abovementioned. Of knowing the purpose of being a student full time, of dedicating all these years for a cause, and the gravity of our own existence. In spite of knowing that accreditation is only half the picture on the outside. In knowing that on the real world outside clean solid knowledge is very hard to come by and fully appreciating them being served on a silver platter to us now, that learning is a personal responsibility to ourselves. Not for the grades, not for the money, not for the fame, the favouritism or pride. But for the spirit. To fill up our born empty brains with real gold.

That is it. That really is.

Today I went to class, an evening class and being obviously drained. The lecturer I respect was covering all the fundamentals of the subject hes teaching and I couldn't really follow his lesson because my mind was on something else. I could say it's just the unnatural me that's less cautious and more open, and he was asking all the silly questions we don't ask why instead just follow the past on how. Which interestingly actually makes us think. And gradually I start responding to him in a different way that the whole normal population of the class does. I was actually actively participating in his topic with intellectual responses.

That is I realised, the real justification I seek out when I go to school. And it amazes me everyday.

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