Monday, November 1, 2010

Socializing but not Befriending

I've this principle recently made stronger than ever before about socializing with people.

First and foremost I understand the importance of being sociable and easy-mixing in the society we live today. Simply put, with mouth alone nowadays we can talk our way up and similarly, without talking we can be stuck down forever, almost. Talking itself is a very valuable skill of survival.

Here's the part where it gets interesting.

The general understanding is by talking we make more friends, and perhaps the opposite too when we make friends and talk to them we improve our social skills. However, the way I see it socializing and making friends/collecting contacts are two totally separate things altogether. In most cases a person's need for talking is the lead reason why conversation happens and it leads to knowing more people, and more talking. And collecting friend.

For a person like me however whos nature is actually quite introverted, I don't fancy regular blank talking. Which basically is talking about stuff that goes nowhere all for the sake of talking. Like spending 30 days talking about all the things we talk in 1 day x 30 times. That pretty much is what it is. The way I see it, it's just disgusting.

I enjoy talking about things which is progressive, be it getting to know someone, getting to understand something or simply building chemistry. I like talking to new people indeed. But I am not quite that lenient at introducing new friends into my life.

To like talking and meeting new people, but to not like becoming friends with them is the tricky thing, quite like bending nature's law. How do a person talks to everyone like their long lost brother yet thinks of almost no one? I think I'm that. I also think this is the result of me playing the game of life always at a step ahead. Despite what I do, I have a mindset which always pushes for greater personal learning. Instead of waiting for experience to teach, I try to forsee it, prepare for it and make the best use of the situation when the "opportunity for gaining experience" comes knocking. Pretty much like what we do in secondary school at reading up the whole textbook over and over to prepare for whatever the exam can throw at us, just at a bigger scale. Isn't learning what we aim to do when in school? Of regardless of where you start,it's in know about how it's gonna finish and in paving our unique path to there.

Also, I don't know where is this all heading but I'm confident I'll be able to handle whatever is thrown back at me for embracing this choice of life. In a way perhaps this is what society have made me.

So the next time we talk, don't think too much about this. I've done the thinking so just enjoy the ride. And if things doesn't turn out the way you thought it would be, don't take it personally. I'll take the blame I really do.

With every new entry about decoding myself I find myself one step closer at solving the mystery, and to watch as more of the mystery appear.

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