Thursday, November 25, 2010

Persuing Girls is not worth the price we pay for it

I've got a new stance. The signs were there all along and I've just realised it only now.

It seems that behind all this clouded shit, the reality is guys don't need girls as much a s girls need guys.

Most girls inside are a bunch of clingers and emotionally insecure and most find security from guys. Guys find reasons to have girls around them, among others are for physical pleasure, for egoistic and pride purposes, for a different kind of companionship and for the holiest of holy kind of guys like me (lol), they provide a touch of softness that compliments our rough nature.

And the truth is that only a minority of guys really realise that. The majority of this minority decides that they would prefer to have a girl around them and a the ideology that guys with girls around them are cooler. And the majority of the other dumb guys follow it simply because the others said it's so and hence it's right.

Yes, it's true guys with girls around them are more highly looked upon, but what most don't sufficiently realise is the importance of girls to guys of their most fundamental nature have been blown way out of proportion in todays society.

I think girls is a big threat to guys of this modern society because guys spend more time, effort and money at chasing girls instead of chasing their own real needs. Like living up their own purpose in this Godblessed life. Guys nowadays spend too much time being obsessed with this girl frenzy unbeknown at the expense of their own growth. Worse miss that most would never realise is the loss of promise and potential they were so close to when they decided girls are more important.

I'm not saying girls are totally redundant and troublesome, they are not because they are also very independent and very capable of reaching their own high heights. I'm just saying guys are better equipped to soar high too, and this advantage is being thrown away for girls.

The way I see it, girls are insecure inside and they find solace from guys. Guys wants them too for all the short term entertainment and so forth. But comparatively guys don't need girls as much as girls need guys. Before anyone gets me wrong, I look highly to all my female friends for being able to carry their own weight in this modern world, but the real target of this article is actually love. Emotional commitment from guy to girl. That for the most part is a hazard to our own self.

Yes, having a wife/girlfriend who understands us well is without doubt a huge bonus, but the effort required to last the race in finding them is not worth it in the long run in the big picture. I think it's a better bet to just chase our own potential and with a touch of sweet luck we'll find them somewhere along the journey. That sounds so much better as it's killing two birds with one stone at success, whereas the other is achieving no bird killed with one stone at failure. All the resources spent is wasted to the max.

Just an opinion.

As for myself, I believe I have an advantage when it comes to understanding girls from my soft (and sometimes quite feminist) nature, so pursuing girls in my opinion is not worth the price we pay for it.

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