Thursday, November 25, 2010

I just thought of this new something about like 10 seconds ago.

Sometimes at some point of our life we might feel our life is somewhat distorted. Things are going OK but not well, and we wonder why is it all happening this way. Distorted, off by an angle. If left uncorrected it will remain this way for all that time ever cares.

I feel like that now. Like the people I have around me now is just substandard of what I should be entitled to by now, the things I do everyday now is just a shadow of my past life, even my own mind is feeling sick by its own standards.

Then I thought I might have found the solution. Odd as it seems, perhaps all it takes is just one activity to trigger a chain reaction of wholesome correction. Some might find it in going clubbing, some going for religious meet ups etc. but for me I think mine's playing field soccer.

I happen to read somewhere that team sports builds cooperation, and field soccer is that to me. Maybe I've been living a solitary and selfish life for long enough, and this is the one thing that will grease all the sharp edges in my current life. So abstract but yeah.

I should go and get my ass running on the field soon.

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