Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Dream About A Surprise

Here we go again.

Last night I had a dream.

(this is the part where you know you can expect to get excited because like it always is, even I'm excited having haven't wrote anything out yet!)

I was living in my house in Singapore (which factually is located in Malaysia) and it's a private unit in a condo and it was nighttime when the reality settled in, that I've for some unconventional reason got expelled from my home. Which is to say, I'm officially homeless for good. And strangely also always on the move because I'm partially hunted and wanted.

Then came in the other side of the story. I met this other girl who also have just been kicked out of her nice condo house, is on the move and is also homeless just like me. From one trouble, now it's double the trouble. How nice.

And the two of us being in exactly the same sort of shit understand mutually without even mentioning that we both need each other now more than anyone else, ever. She stayed by my side as I stay by her as we try to sort our own mess.

Without much discussion, chemistry builds, trust builds and a future builds all by itself. She didn't even ask me or needed to be my girlfriend, but we both know this new relationship we have is even more beautiful than half of the people who claims to be in a relationship are having.

She by my side knowing me knowing her knowing it, we both know no matter what difficulty is thrown at us with each other we have a brighter future together.

What a random dream. They say when two people finds themselves in a similar dilemma they would understand each other better, it seems this dream is what that is. Only with a little more twist and turn like always from Jordan.

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