Friday, November 5, 2010

The Chains From The Reality And The Dream Drags Me To Forward

Initially I contemplated about writing this but then I've decided to go ahead because I've been thinking about someone and hopefully I'll be seeing again soon.

Last night I had this short dream about my mom. In it my family and I were at our house dining area and the time's about 12.30am on some weekday, when out of the blues like he always do my brother asked " How bout we go eat some chaR Kuey teoW now?". I dismissed it as one of those "guarantee fail" type of questions but to my astonishment my mom agreed. She said "OK but lets make it fast because I need to sleep (tomorrow got work)". (SHE REALLY DID! Ok atlease in my dream she did. )

Then a mosquito decided to fly around my cheek and in slapping it I've slapped myself awake. Damn it.

I went to watch some football and only went to bed again when the sun started rising. In it I had another dream about a friend (heh) of mine who found a new boy friend, albeit a Malay one.

Later in the day I went and told her about it because even though it felt really weird, random and totally unnecessary, I just felt I needed to. So I told her. Somewhere along the line later she mentioned something which I new to: that by popular belief a dream is the opposite of what there is to be in reality.


But I've always believed strongly in just the opposite. That a dream is a visual glimpse of the future, a full scale pre-run of might be by a concept new to us, often when we are still testing it as an answer for a solution of a problem. Which simply means it is seeing the future and paving our present towards it if we like it. That is what most dreams are to me, either when I go to bed with a problem knowing I can find the solution in it or just random dreams.

During then I didn't noticed much about it as I was concentrating more on the person and made nothing about it and went about doing life as per normal.

A few hours later in the night I realised that my mother was unusually late to come home today, so I called to ask her about it. I later found out that her daily feeder bus service had ended early today because of some celebration tomorrow( you know Malaysians just love holidays?), she couldn't come back and the whole family went to pick her up. Somehow since we are already on the road we went to an foodcourt we rarely frequent and guess what. That place, it is a food heaven. Not that I didn't know. One of the more popular food they serve there is char kuey teow.

Upon reaching my mother told me to go get some lao shi fan while she'll go and get some CKT. My brother added "No, that shop CKT no so nice, you must try the otheR shop's CKT. Okay. I told her to get one for me too, I could do with one myself too.

There we were eating dinner and as I chomp down mine I watch her eat her char kuey teow. I got a weird feeling of seeing this before.. Hmm. The kuey teow is quite nice too.

I realised I didn't do much, if any (beside by simply being present) in contributing the night to end around some char kuey teow, but that's how it is. What I do know is I had a dream last night about being in the exact scenario. I believe there's a deeper reasoning to it, although like everyone I'll take the easy way out, for now.

It must be just coincidental I suppose.

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