Saturday, November 27, 2010

Cats, Cats and Girls

How To Use A Cat To Attract A Woman

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Attention to all desperate men out there.
Are you having trouble attracting women in your sexual life? Then go buy a cat! Cats are known to be extremely smart animals. They are known to drive all the negative energy away, they are very clean, sensitive, independent and of course they can help you impress most women.

Recent surveys proved that men who love animals, especially cats and men who own a cat have more chances on getting a date. A leading United Kingdom animal welfare society surveyed thousands of women and guess what! An astonishing 90% of them said that men who love and own a cat are more sensitive and more nice than the men who don't have cats.

Maybe these women thought that if a man cares about his kitties then chances are that he will care for a woman and for children. Women see cats as children or babies while men see cats as friends. Women clearly stated they could be easily attracted to such a sensitive and caring man. That is a good reason why you should go out and get a cat. They are real female magnets!

Just don't forget that in order to get a cat you must be a pet lover and really know how to treat the animal right. If you don't like animals then you'd better not try this. For example a lot of people are allergic to cats. Others just can't train their cats. Don't just get a cat if you are unsure how to train her.

But if you are a pet lover and desperate about attracting women then use your cat. Train your cat so that he/she behaves well. Then invite a woman to your place for dinner or a coffee. Clean your apartment or house, cook some dinner if possible. Put your dating skills in action too. Any woman would be impressed.

If you are a cat owner then maybe you need to take a look at this guide about cat training and if you need more help to attract woman then i recommend taking advice from a woman! Here's a woman seducing guide that will teach you how to attract women and make them beg for your phone number.

I happen to stumble upon this article on the Internet and this confirms what I've long suspected: that there is some special connection between cats and girls.

My soft spot for cats is no secret to those around me. Often when a cat appear I would try to interact with it, often too without any decent level of success. To me cats are creatures which are very concern about their own cleanliness. On top of that, I am also fascinated by them because they have this particular nature about them which, in my own words, proud yet unbothered about what others think about them. Also, they are very delicate and the way their carry themselves is as if it's heavier than their own weight.

In many ways girls are somewhat quite like that. Though I don't know exactly how's that so haha. Maybe someone can enlighten me on that one day.

Some of my guys friends thinks I'm nuts when I tell them I like cats. (You know the other name for cat also carry the other meaning which refers to the female body part their counterpart loves so much.)(Seriously, what's wrong with people nowadays?) Facing a dilemma to choose between my own stand or these so-called cool friends, I kept my distance from them.

After all, nobody knows the true depth of my own things other than myself.

And the coolest part about this whole article? My ex-girlfriend is a cat too hahahhaha. Meow! Rawr. claw.

P/s: this entry with regards to the previous entry: it's not hypocrisy. Let's just say attracting girls (at this point of time at lease) comes second to the beautiful image of cats I've got from my previous relationship. This two in one is just like two sides of the same story.

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