Thursday, October 21, 2010

If You Think You Have A Brain, Then Use It

On Monday morning I left a random How are you message on Sara's wall and thinking that must have been the best damn thing I've done all week, to put a smile onto someone's face in the midst of the all too common monday blues. I knew I could expect a reply not only before the end of the day but a matter of how soon.

The day ended and a new day came and no reply.

I realised later she said just last week she was off to Chiangmai for a week. Heh. Lovely.

Although knowing this unlike most people I didn't go and rectify the situation by correcting myself, instead I waited and waited. For nothing, really.

The usual -I can think of 1001 reasons why did I rectify it since I knew about it- just wasn't ever going to happen.

This morning half asleep I had found an alternative ending. Sara, all yours to find out.

It's amazing how despite the common knowledge that our brains are only working at 5% capacity when we are awake ( or 2000% capacity when we are asleep), we never really utilize that knowledge and try to bend it to our favour. Maybe in the future we would see applications of that but for now, bring puzzles to sleep seems a revolutionary way to reach out for new things.

And as always, I didn't have a clue what I was doing when I started doing it, realised it only after its done. Amazing.

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