Sunday, October 3, 2010

I Don't Want Money but I do need Money

If I had the money, one of the few things I consider worthwhile spending it on is this.

The whole damn thing.

I happen to read one of it from the school's library and it took me awhile to realise I really liked it. Been searching google countless times for it before I manage to find it, with a think chunk of luck.

They say we don't realise the value of money until we start working and earning it ourselves and it's true. 8 months prior to continuing my degree here I've been managing my entire current account myself and it'd taught me a lot. The way I see it people nowadays have a tendency to spend unnecessarily on almost every possible thing but I'd distinguished myself from that.

In truth it's less to do with saving or financial constrain of any sort, but rather just a character trait I admire (which is naturally unnatural of me) and chose to pick up. I just can't stand wastage be it time, resources or just plain inefficiency.

I'd say money in general is limited and in deciding to use it to fund one thing means choosing it over another other options. By opting for a RM50 soccer ball I'm passing on a RM50 priced book. You get the point. To spend on something I always get myself to give a good reason to do so. If the reason is real good, the price at times could even "not" be a limitation. It's not about being thrifty but rather, not wasteful. Maybe this is the fundamental concept behind wise money management in which it's so much easier to understand by just telling " save, save, save money".

For me I haven't explored the skill of absolute money saving yet but I've been practicing avoiding wastage (of money) ever since I've started working one year ago.

And I want to get the books, waiting for when the time is right.

p/s: to those of you who took deeper notice of the title, give yourself some time to think it through first on a neutral perspective before comparing in any way. In any way. nobody have an upperhand against me in any way, simply because I chose to believe so the same way you do.

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