Tuesday, September 21, 2010

When A Right Thing Meets A Right Time

At some point during my secondary schooling days in the midst of force reading, understanding and vomiting out the knowledge from the textbook period, I've figured that whoever made this books must be so really proud of themselves in knowing what they write will be "digested" brainlessly by a great population of the community.

When I believe what's written on the textbook is 100% true, I like what I studies. When I later realised and still believe not everything is accurately documented and represented in our textbooks, I still studied them but only because I had to. Studying Malaysian History for once, it's interested but no doubt from a bias perspective. It's written in Malay/English overlooked by the English instead of Chinese; British instead of Communist. I'm sure Chin Peng have a different variation of what's documented like as the Malayan Emergency.

That was among the realization that sparked a new idea out of curiousity, what if I had the chance to connect with such audience. I've kept the idea in me all this while and lately I've remembered about it.

It would be really interesting if I somehow publish a book about all the major prinsciples governing my life, the way I want to believe it should be lived.

For all the many countless prinsciples I live by, decoding it feels almost like an unsurmountable task. Ironically, for all the crazy formulas that keeps me ticking inside, I am actually quite a simple person outside.

If the book represents the originality, the forced-to-study class represents an opportunity then the result would be.. cool.

Well it's just a random thought.

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