Sunday, September 26, 2010

We Should Know Why Before We Exist, But Somehow We Missed That Part

Humans nowadays are just living a life of which they don't know the reason for. Everything we live are all just made believe for. I'm disgusted, even with myself.

My peers I can sense down inside 99% just don't know why they live for. They know they are going back to study after dinner, to prepare themselves for the exams for which they will graduate with a paper from and then find a work and many years down the road perhaps just live their dream. They may know why are they going back but they don't know why do they exist to go back.

The younger teenagers knows about this thing called potential but hardly gives a shit about discovering further. They are just too busy preparing themselves in gripping the biggest chunk of it back into their reality. They don't really give a shit, no? Did we ever?

My elders, with no intended disrespect, are just myself of the future with more experience, knowledge and achievements but quite still as clueless as myself now about why do they exist. Why do we have a body that powers and regenerates itself, and a mind to fill it with things. Emotions, desire, memories, beliefs, plans, achievements- they are all just tools of the mind.

But fundamentally, why do we have we?

It shouldn't be about making the most friends, or making the best friends, or collecting the biggest network or experience, or social safety net, or biggest clique, resume, cv or bank account. It shouldn't be about decendents, tradition, image or entertainment. That is all our needs, a reason to channel our energy and time from this existence created by our mind.

It should be an answer we are content and satisfactorily accept given by ourselves the day we reach the point of near expiring and finally ask ourselves why did we even exist altogether.

I believe us being fortunate to be given a chance to exist, we should live life to the fullest. Even that phrase itself is overused nowadays and carries less meaning already. We shouldn't even for a moment allow ourselves to think that life is an obligation, that it is our duty (since we are alive and made by our parents) to work, to earn money to finance future offsprings, to treat them well and better than they have did for us. It is all a choice we have, although the way we live it is considered morally right. Point is, if at any point we are not able to appreciate our fortunate existence then it is no different from not existing at all.

Of course, some wake up every morning with high aims of making more money, others because they have see fun it doing what they do and secretly down inside they know that's so because it's a better reason to convince themselves that they are not working for the money. Some do charity work, others live a life with a solitude mentality.

Beneath all that needs of money, pride, potential, name, ego or any worldly belief, the fact that we are able to slowly embrace time is greater than all mentioned. With time and a foundation, comes potential, a future. With an opportunity in that of it's existence plus appreciation should come a real purpose in life. A purpose 99% of my peers don't realise exist.

We can do whatever we want to do, there is no such thing as limitations atlease in my dictionary. If I say I can't, it's because inside I admit I don't want to. We can do whatever we want hence putting achievement as not the biggest goal. Truth.

Our biggest goal in our existence should be finding the purpose to our existence. Once discovered, the rest are the easy part. Our culture nowadays have blinded us from this fact in this madness termed society.

If one person is wrong, a group of them doesn't make it right. It just makes it bearable which at the end of the day, is still wrong.

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