Saturday, September 4, 2010


Some one month ago Tony said that KLIUC is a very, very " " place. He never actually said what is the very very, he only said I should wait and see.

Then Ramadan came. In Malaysia who's majority are Malays, Ramadan to us in this Malay majority campus means empty food court during the fasting period. And to a certain extend, closed shops and limited food to choose for. People like me are already struggling to stay sane eating the same thing everyday.

There are also the other lesser mentioned half about Ramadan and Raya in my school. At the hostel occasionally there will be firecrackers of all sorts and sizes. Sometimes it sounds like small sparks, like small chain of sparks. Other times is sounds like some WW2 Nazi Germany AA battery gun firing or some American USS battleship dropping some anti-submarine explosive tank into the water. And blow. It is all part of my experience at staying full time in campus.

How have I spent my last few Rayas? I don't know. That itself says alot, that there's nothing worth remembering. I remembered being in Singapore where they celebrate Raya with one (1) day(s) of public holiday. Even so I'll just sleep at home or go around doing my normal business.

Oh, it's Raya. /goes back to sleep/

Multiply that with a few times to represent the past few years I've went AWOL and that sums up my story.

Till now.

In a chance decision to make a trip back home and stay overnight at my house I've gained more than I would bargain for. We had ordered pizza delivery and had a nice family dinner albeit in front of the TV and discussed about the possibility of having a family holiday trip to Mersing.

Mersing is just some rural faraway kampung area at the south-east coast of Peninsular Malaysia. There's nothing much about it but it's significant to me because I remember vividly once upon a time almost a decade ago, we had gone on a road trip and spend a night or two at that place. It is a small village by the seaside and we rented a chalet overlooking the sea. I learned to fly kites then, I stepped on a baby chick and accidentally killed it, I even found a rubbish pit filled with rubbish and maggots, just like the one people from the TV use to bury genocide victims. Very real.

This year 2010 have been rather quiet and uneventful for me but that is about to change. A new story is going to be written and I can't wait.

My sister is halfway across the globe and she won't be around but it's okay. We'll just get a replacement sister. Haha.

No, of course not.

, faster come!

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