Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Pain Locker pt 2

Quoted from Dr House, House :

"People interest me, communication doesn't"

In a way it relates back to me. When I see people one of the first things I ask myself is Why.

Why does a person initiates the talk?

1. We happen to be at the same place and same time so it's polite to.
2. Someone needs something from the someone else. Maybe a question, maybe a favour. Usually followed by "do they deserve it", then occasionally "why not" for me.
3. Someone needs someone else attention to fill them up.
4. you know
5. you know
6. you know

When things get messy my stand in policy is Intention speaks louder than action. We can analyze a person's action but we can never really guess a person's true intention, which is what makes human very interesting.

When a person gets caught for bad action with good intention, they are usually found guilty.

When a person gets found out with good action but bad inner intention, they are praised.

The former is just unfortunate, the latter is just good.

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