Sunday, September 26, 2010

Liverpool Fans Are Modest People! Are They?

Was messaging Maine and talking about football when I told her Liverpool fans modest people in general. That sounds random as it also is spontaneous but as my gut feeling goes, the reason behind it possibly is because of years and years of ups and downs.

One moment they are so damn good, the next they are just so damn disappointing. Following it would make some modest people, while others like me would just go nuts.

Every since secondary school it's always been a tradition that between notably Arsenal, Manchester and Chelsea, whenever our team wins we gain bragging rights over the rest. Similarly, whenever we disappoint, we can expect to be insulted. Bad. haha. That's quite the way it works. Ungracious in short.

Liverpool fans who have seen a great share of winning and losing, ups and downs perhaps have learned real life character improving lessons just by following them. Perhaps they are taught over and over that the future is flux and nothing is for certain. One good day today may be gone by tomorrow, vice versa.

I'm gonna keep this hypothesis in mind and see if it's right when I meet new Pools fan next time.

P/s: Only refers to true and true Liverpools fan, those supporting multiple clubs or follows Liverpool part time doesn't count!

Pools fan: Aravin, Julien, Charmaine, Ruzainie, Matthew, Mr Andrew Wong

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