Tuesday, September 28, 2010


There's this one guy whom entered my life sometime ago, sharing the exact same name as another guy I despise since back in the poly days.

The original guy is IMO noisy, an absolute attention seeker and a dumb empty vessel, a side he'd revealed when he leaked out more truth about himself than he should have. That's gone but the lesson lasts, that a proper conversationalist needs to understand the value of silences in conversation too.

Anyway with one gone the legacy lives on and the other innocent guy is the unfortunate victim to me hahaha.

I can remember when he first exist into my life I've made up my mind that since I don't like his name ( and his appearance and impressions fits very closely to the negative stereotyped image of Malaysians in Singapore), I don't want to know him. Talk about active disinterest. About personal level discrimination.

I'm not so pure after all it seems.

I think the way society works though I don't like it, the exploiter is a always exploiting the exploited. When given a chance to -something negative- , people will.

Society have made us this way. Before anyone tell me I don't have to follow it because.. , well you're right, I don't have to. I just want, I enjoy.

People like me are those who gives other people both a better day and a worse day. The ability to do something does make doing it compulsory by any means, but it does gives us the option to do so when we wish.

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