Monday, September 6, 2010

Football is one of my Mirrors

Lately there have been people questioning me about my football abilities. I've been and see a lot about my own football to know where I am and seriously one of the last thing anyone wants to teach me about my stuff, is football. There are a few exceptions, all of which knows me well because they play with me. Even so, they don't talk bad.

No, I'm not ranting about being questioned of thing's I've grown tired of explaining again. People like that hardly deserve any explanation, and often respect. Worse still, is when they themselves don't play and don't know shit and yet, still dare talk. This world sometimes is filled with funny people, funny because they can stay stupid for so long.

Once upon a time I was those who only could wish I had a proper team and regular football to train with. Then I went to Singapore and had the chance in my poly to join the football team and I did. Everything went up and clearer from then. I use to play soccer biweekly too during most recent year there with strangers who later went on to be friend. It's funny how for guys, action speaks louder than words. Play first, get to know later yeah Ara?

Sometimes when you think you've passed the simpler stage of things in life, and then things cause us to look back at it, we realise that we don't quite remember how we'd come to here. Like a derivation of a formula, we may forget the derivation but we know damn well the formula works.

I've been thinking about why football is my sport lately, and I've came up with a few facts to make a list.

1. Soccer involves a lot of running. When I was younger I believed I have asthma and running is not my thing. Soccer breaks that myth completely, regardless whatever is fact. By succeeding in soccer, I'm correcting a broken past, one less for the future.

2. Despite how it looks, soccer involves a lot of physical strength. It's amazing how a human with just 1 both, 2 hands and 2 legs can create so much force that if we're not strong enough, they'll topple you over in 1 "touch". Another reason to stay fit and strong.

3. I have the height and long feet and playing as my favorite defensive position I enjoy the height advantage over most. In a way, it's intimidating for them and fun for me. Add the occasional push and barge and football is the reason why sometimes my legs are recovering.

4. Like all sports, I enjoy the mental strength required in long duration of concentration and focusing. It's true football is a 22-men-chase-1-ball game, but everyone is at their fullest of concentration when playing. It makes it all the more beautiful a sport.

5. Football pushes us to the limit in many ways. My lungs have no air, my stomach cramping, my legs soft like jelly, my body drained of life, my mind shutting down, but I believe it is all just mental strength. To what point do we truly believe we still have some more to give and no more to give? The point where our mind concedes weakness is when. So basically, by trying to push our mind further than ever there are really no limits to what we can do.

6. And lastly, they say girls find guys playing team games more sexy than solo game. In a way I believe it's true. A fully focus and serious guy vocally commanding and encouraging those around him while running looks more appealing to me than a guy who plays badminton/tennis/golf alone. And the twist is, when guys know girls are watching them, they perform even better.

Football is a beautiful game in the right eyes, it's just a pity some don't know what it's all about when they talk about it. I do know one thing, that they don't know what they're talking about. That is the danger of being an empty vessel who don't know where to stop, they sometimes write their own grave.

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